Thomas and Brooke {Maitland Engagement Session}

Meet Thomas and Brooke!  These two are not only adorable, but super sweet and fun!   We had some fun walking around Lake Lily in Maitland while snapping some fun shots around the area!  I’m so looking forward to shooting their wedding soon!!!


Rayburn_01 Rayburn_03 Rayburn_02


Work In Progress!!!

Starting over is never fun, or easy, but here I am! After two moves, one being halfway across the country, with almost no warning, and a whole host of other crazy life changes, I have once again decided I am ready to start dipping my toe in the awesome pool that is professional photography! I am starting sloooowly for now, be on the lookout for new stuff soon!! ~Kim

My Grandma

Wow.  Seven months have passed, and I can’t believe I am writing this post.  February 17, 2011, the world lost an amazing woman, and I lost a huge part of my life.


Patricia King was every bit of the word fabulous.  When I was little, she was my buddy.  When my mom had to work weekends or just work a lot, I was with grandma.   My grandma was quite hands on.  I spent many days at the house I now call home.  She took me swimming in the pool, and stopped at every 7-11 between here and Melbourne when I lied and said I had to pee because I really wanted a slush puppy.   She bought me my first sewing machine, which I still have.  So many of my early childhood memories involve my grandma, and she took amazing care of me throughout my life.  When I was little and needed her, she was there.  When I was a teenager and needed to talk, she was there.  And when I was getting married and needed her advice, she was always there with something helpful.  I can’t even begin to list all the things she has done for me in my life.                 

My grandmother was the strongest woman I have ever met.  She was and still is my feminist icon.  She had an incredibly tough upbringing, growing up in West Virginia, and losing her mother at the age of six.  She got through everything with humor.  In January, when she was told she would have to lose most of her leg due to poor circulation, her response was “Well, I guess there won’t be any more jitterbugging.”  Things never came easy for her, but she made everything look so effortless.  She never complained and never asked why; she just dealt with it and moved on.  My grandma passed her amazing toughness and sense of humor on to my mom, who passed it to me, and now I see so much of it in my daughter.  I am so proud to be her granddaughter, and to come from such strength.

When my grandfather was told his liver was shutting down, she was my first thought.  As weird as it sounds, I knew my grandpa would be okay, he was going somewhere awesome, and she was the one who would need the help.  He had spent the last few years taking care of her; as her Alzheimer’s had progressed further than he let anyone know.  She couldn’t be left home alone anymore, and I knew that if no one could take care of her, she would have to leave the home that she loved, and the home she had shared with the love of her life.  As most of you know, I made the decision to move to Florida and take care of her.  It was the least I could do, because she had taken care of me for the last 28 years.   People told me what a great thing I was doing for her, and I knew that.  The biggest gift however was to myself and to my daughter.  We got to spend seven months absorbing all of the wisdom that was Pat King.  I got to spend seven months holding her hand, taking her to doctors’ visits and listening to her stories.   The last seven months have been unbelievably challenging, as anyone who has cared for an Alzheimer’s patient can tell you, it ain’t easy.  But they have also been so rewarding.  While I knew that she loved having us here, and getting to see Bella every day, I knew how much she missed my grandpa.   I am so happy they are reunited.  It still stings to go into her bedroom to check on her, and she’s not there.  But she is where she is happy, and healthy, and most likely, jitterbugging. 

Stephanie and Michael {Joplin,MO Wedding}

This post was particularly difficult for me to start, so it has taken a bit longer than I had hoped to write.  Not difficult bad, I just have so much to say!  Stephanie and Mike (now known as Michael) are my two bestest friends in the wide world!  I have known Stephanie since we were in sixth grade!  And yes, that was a loooong time ago, cause I’m old and stuff.  I met Mike in highschool art class, and Michael and I have been bickering ever since!  We argue.  A lot.  We find ourselves to be hilarious, Stephanie does too.  Mike has had a crush on Stephanie for just as long.  Stephanie was always too busy dating the not-Mikes.  Yaknow, the guys who were not perfect for her. 

 I will never forget the day they told me they were dating.  Iwas not happy.  I was terrified.  What if they broke up?  I couldn’t pick sides.  Okay, I would in all honesty pick Stephanie.  We have matching nicknames (Sam and Spam), so, I would have to pick her.  But, I couldn’t hate Mike!  He’s awesome, and he still lets me call him Mike, because really, I can’t stop.  So, yes, I was scared, but after the initial shock, I was in love.  Once I saw them together, I loved the idea of them being together.  They work perfectly.  They are so amazing together its unreal, except, it is.  Stephanie puts up with all of Michael’s craziness, and Michael puts up with Stephanie’s, not that there is a lot of crazy.  If you have ever seen two people who just click together, you know what I mean. 

Stephanie had always said she would never get married, it just wasn’t going to happen.  So imagine my surprise when I get a text message telling me they are engaged, and asking if I would shoot their wedding!  OF COURSE!  Now they are 4-eva.  So, a few weeks ago, I was so blessed to be able to photograph their wedding.  They got married in their back yard, under a chuppa that Michael’s parents made for them.  Stephanie’s mom, the insanely talented Tracy (my other mother) made the cake, and the decor was a fabulous mix of fiesta and hippie goodness brought to us by Lindsey, who is now the reigning decoration queen.  So many people came together to make this fabulous DIY wedding, and I can honestly say it was my hands down favorite wedding ever!  I have what seems like a lifetime of memories with these two, and I know they will have a lifetime of funness.  Live long and prosper Michael and Stephanie!  And now, after what seems like my LONGEST post ever…..on to the photos!

Lots of dia de los muertos flair.

That cake=yummy fabulousness!

Michael’s best Zoolander impression.

That dress is fabulous! 

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Until next time!

Alisha & Jason {Joplin, MO Wedding}

Two weeks ago, I traveled back to Missouri to photograph two fabulous weddings.  First up was Alisha and Jason.  Let me just say, these two are wonderful!  They are both so nice and easy going, that it made photographing their big day so much fun!  Their wedding was held at the Scottish Rite Temple in Joplin, MO.  The place was gorgeous, and the light was to die for!  Seriously.  I have been friends with Jason’s sister Jill for a looong time, so it was such an honor to be able to share in this awesome day with such a great couple!  Now, onto the pictures!

Alisha’s dress was SO fabulous!  She loves all things vintage, and it totally showed in the details!


These shoes were so fun! 

HELLO HOTNESS!!  Have I mentioned how much I love my job? 

Jason’s not too bad either! 

BEST. CAKE. EVER!!  Of course, being a huge Beatles fan, I’m a bit partial!

More Hotness??  Yes please! 

Make that a double!  These two are amazing! 

Congratulations Alisha and Jason, you’re life together is going to be awesome!

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Now We are Six {Ft. Pierce, FL Children’s Portraits}

I am so excited to be home!  I never really realized how much I actually missed living in Florida.  The weather is awesome, and it just feels right being here.  I always thought I loved Missouri becuase the seasons changed drastically, and there was snow.  That was cool until I learned how to drive, and now, not so much.  Probably the most notable visit for me was last year when we visited in January.  Being here in fabulous 60 degree weather, and having to go back home to whatever below zero, and depressing gray skies, made me remember how awesome this state is!  I am so glad that I get to raise my daughter here!  She is absolutely adapting to being a “Florida Girl!”  She knows the difference between regular flip flops and dress flip flops, and she is amazed that we wake up to storks outside our front yard every morning (it must be where they relax after dropping off the babies.)  Okay, enough babel, I had a purpose with this!  Right before we left to head to Missouri to pack up the last of our stuff, Bella and I headed out for a photoshoot at the Ft. Pierce marina.  We were going to do some photos with gelato from Uncle Carlo’s, buuttt…..we were distracted by dolphins and the gelato started to melt while we watched (I got some pictures of the fins, but they never came out of the water.)  Bella went ahead and ate the gelato while we waited, so…maybe next time.  We still managed to get some fab. stuff!  My little fashionista is getting so grown up!  Now, on the the photos!

An Announcement!

Dear Friends, due to my grandfather’s passing, our family has decided that it is best if we relocate to Florida.  We have given this decision lots of thought, and it is the best decision for us as well as my grandmother, who is unable to live alone.  Because we still have plenty of family in the Kansas City area as well as Southern Missouri I will still be available for weddings and limited portrait sessions.   I just want to thank all of my clients for their support over the last two years!  I am so happy to have known each and every one of you!   I am truly blessed to be a part of your lives! (Yes, I am guilty of exclamation point abuse….again.)

Brandi & Mark {Manhattan, KS Wedding}

Brandi and Mark are a super fun couple!  A big thanks to Kelli for the refferral, because I am so happy to have met such wonderful people.  Brandi and Mark are so easy going, that it made for such a stress free day!  It was H-O-T that day, and as much as  I love me some outdoor shots, I was not about to have a melting bride!  They did brave the heat for a couple outdoor sessions, including their first look, which was awesome!  Their ceremony was at the All Faiths Chapel on the K State campus, and the reception was at the Kathouse in Aggieville.  The only word for the Kathouse is swanky!  I loved everything about the place, and I will definately be back!  Congratulations Mark and Brandi, your wedding was fabulous, and I know you will have a wonderful life together!

Curtis King

I joke that God knew I was only going to have one set of Grandparents, so he made sure they were the best ones available, but it is more than a joke.  Curtis and Patricia King have given me so much in my life, that I will never be able to repay them or thank them enough!  I spent many, many days with my Grandparents.  Growing up, I was so close to them, and most of my childhood memories center around their home in Florida.  Even when my mom and I moved to Missouri, I remained close to them, and loved when they would come to visit, or I would go to Florida for a month out of the summer to spend time with them.  They took me all over the place, as I usually accompanied them to whatever summer trips they had scheduled.  Everyone seemed to know them, and everyone of course loved them.  As I got older, my Grandpa and I both seemed to discover a love of Economics at around the same time.  It was odd, if we weren’t careful, we would end up on the phone for hours talking about the subject.  We seemed to grow closer, even though he lived so far away.

My husband and I had always planned to relocate to Florida when he had finished his degree, but on June 24th, something happened that moved those plans up a bit.  My Grandpa had been going through treatment for cancer of his liver for the last 4 years, and that day, we were informed that his liver was shutting down.  I shot my last wedding of the summer that Saturday, and we packed up most of our stuff and drove to Florida just in time to be with him.  On July 5th, we lost him.   

My Grandpa was the most charismatic and loving person I have ever known.  He accepted all people for who they were and treated everyone in a way that most people can only preach and never practice.  He was kind hearted and good natured, and he loved everyone close to him unconditionally.  There was never anything I couldn’t tell him, no matter what I had done (and trust me, as a teenager, I had done some stupid things).  He always loved me and made me feel like everything was going to work out.  Every time I thought about quitting, he would always tell me to keep going, and always had a way to make things seem easy.  Curtis King taught me how to forgive people for their faults and how to be loved.  I owe so much of who I am to him, and I thank God every day that I was blessed enough to know him.  Words cannot express how much I miss him.  The sound of his voice, his hands that seemed like they could hold up the world, his laugh or just his gentle nature.  Thank you to all of our friends and family who have loved us and supported us throughout this process, it means more than you will ever know!

Always progressive, he wore pink before it was cool!  An image I took to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Chelsea and Tyler {Rock-Star Engagement}

We just moved to Blue Springs and I will now have a fabulous studio available for shoots!  However, that means I’m incredibly behind in getting new stuff on here, hopefully I will get get it together soon! 

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!  I met Chelsea when I tagged along with her and her sister Amber for my first ever Black Friday shopping event.  Chelsea has a super fun fiance Tyler, and the two of them are so in love!  They were up for anything, even when I took them on a crazy tour of the crossroads area trying to find my favorite teal wall.  I’m so excited to shoot there wedding in Texas in a few weeks!